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Our Philosophy

Owners Should Be Paid First, Not Last.

The typical property manager will collect rents, perform any repairs and collect their management fees. The owner is then paid whatever is left, sometimes weeks after the rent was first paid. 
This makes life difficult if you are an owner, especially if you look forward to your rent proceeds to cover your owner cost. Never sure when you will get paid your rent proceeds, you are left wondering when your tenant will pay thier rent.

We believe that you, the owner, should not have to wait to be paid. That is why we advance our owners thier rent proceeds on the first of each and every month.* You never have to worry about when you will recieve your rent proceeds and with our direct deposit option, your payments are automatically deposited into your account. 

Property Managers Shouldn't Profit from Your Expenses

With other companies, a percentage of all repair costs are added as a coordination fee. Not so with us. 
Other companies may charge you to coordinate repairs at your property, fees that are seperate from your management fee. We don't think that we should profit from your expenses, that's why all of our repairs are completed by independent contractors and vendors and repair coordination is included in your monthly management fee. 

By using independent contractors and vendors, many whom we have been using for years, we can typically offer lower repair estimates. These savings are passed directly on to you.

Transparancy For All

Very few companies display thier fees as openly as we do. You see any and all fees before signing any contract.
We are as tired of hidden costs and fees as you are. That's why our management fees are clearly presented and we never charge any other fee than those outlined.

Our contracts are also written so that owners can stop management services for any reason, at any time, with simply a thirty day notice. No cancellation fees, no start up fees. Its the way property management should be.

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Why California Realty Group?

Advanced Rent Payments

We advance your monthly rent proceeds to you on the first of the month. Typical property managers hold on to your property's rent until the end of the month, paying you whatever is left over. We pay our owners first, many times before your tenant ever pays rent. This means you never have to worry about when you will receieve your rent payments, and you can rest easy knowing that you will be paid on the first of each month.*

We Rent Faster

We advertise your property on many different platforms and across many websites, including the MLS. WIth more and more tenants using the internet to find thier next home, we help make sure your home is visible and attractions the attention your property deserves. By also offering commissions to outside agents for finding new tenants, we help rent your property faster than you may be able to alone. Renting faster helps minimize vaccany periods and lost income. 

Honest and Upfront Pricing

The only items that our company will ever charge you are outline clearly,  here. We believe in flat rate fees, so you always know what to expect. Unlike many of our competitors, we never charge for common items such as lease renewals, legal postings, or repair coordination. WIth our company, you will never be surprised with hidden fees or surcharges for services you thought were included with your mangement fee. 

No Risk, No Start-Up Fees

There is no out of pocket expense for you to begin management services. We do not requrie any reserve funds, nor do we charge you any kind of fee to set up your account. We know you'll love the difference you will see in our management, so much so that we offer the first month's management for fee. You can also stop our management services at any time, for any reason. We just ask that you give us thirty days notice. No start-up fees, no cancelation fees, and the first month is free? There's no reason not to give us a try. 

Good Tenant Guarantee

We are so confident in the tenants that we screen for you property, that if you new tenant breaks their lease in the first six months, we will find your a new tenant for free. From our advanced rent payments to our flat rate fee structure, our singular goal is to make being a landlord as stress free as possible. This Good Tenant Guarantee is just one of the many ways that we help accomplish this. 

We Get Paid Only When You Do

We only charge our management fees if we are able to collect rent for your property. This means you are never paying for management fees when your home is vaccant or not collecting money for you. Why pay a management company when you aren't being paid? We don't believe you should, and that's why we will only collect our managment fees from rents collected. 
Meet The Team
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    Executive Director DRE #01901518 Ext: 101
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    Office Administrator Ext: 109
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    Collections and HOA Violations Ext: 102
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