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Rent Proceeds Paid on the First of the Month
Owning a rental property shouldn't be your second job. We take the stress out of being a landlord with low rates, no hidden fees, and guaranteed first of the month rent payments. 

Property Management Services

Management Fees As Low as $100 per month

  1. Advanced Rent Payments
    Never worry about late rent payments again. We advance you your monthly rent proceeds on the first of the month, regardless of when your tenant pays rent. Whether your tenant pays rent a few days late, or a few weeks late, you get paid on time. Every time.
  2. Full Transparency
    Keep track of every penny of your property's finances with 24/7 access to your online owner portal. With powerful financial reports, you can view property income and expenses in real time, view repair invoices, and much more.
  3. Repairs. Coordinated.
    Your tenants can reach us at anytime to report maintenance issues, meaning that small repairs don't have chance to develop into large ones. We coordinate all repairs at no additional cost and keep you updated every step of the way.
  4. Lease Renewals
    We do more than simply send out lease renewals, we conduct a market analysis each time your tenant's lease is up. With our eye on the markets, you can ensure that your rent stays competitive.
  5. Rent Collection
    With options to pay in person, by mail, and online, we offer more ways for you tenant to pay. All payments generate an electronic receipt to tenants to keep accurate records of rent payments.
  6. Legal Forms and Postings
    Being members of the California Association of Realtors (CAR) gives us access to legal counsel and forms, minimizing risk and ensuring we stay up to day on complicated tenancy laws.
Our History and Our Future
Find out a little more about who we are and how we continue to provide superior property management services in the Temecula and Murrieta area. 
With many years of experience in Temecula and Murrieta property management, we grew from managing just a handful of properties to managing hundreds of homes in the Temecula and surrounding areas. While we now manage properties in over twenty cities across Southern California, we continue to treat each client with the same personal touch that we did when we first began. 
We founded our company based on a simple principle, to put our client's needs first. Over the years, as we have grown in the Murrieta and Temecula property management industry, we have kept this principle central to how we operate and conduct our property management services. Rental properties, just like other investements, are not without some risks but with California Realty Group, we do our best to insulate you from as many of these risks as possible. 

Most property owners know that one of the largest risk in owning rental properties is not knowing when, or if, your tenant will pay rent. This makes life difficult when property owners rely on the timely payment of rent to help cover property expenses, such as mortgages or property taxes. When we began managing properties in the Temecula and Murrieta area, we saw the strain that late rental payments placed on our clients and fundamentally changed the way we did business to help protect our owners. We did this by advancing all of our owners their rental proceeds on the first of each and every month, regardless of when tenants paid their rent. Imagine knowing that every month, you will receive your rental proceeds deposited direclty into your bank account. No more waiting for tenants who pay rent late, no more wondering when you will be receiving your rental proceeds. We eliminate these worries completely by dispursing your rental proceeds to you on the first of each month, all for a flate management fee as low as $100.*

California Realty Group is the only company in Southern California to offer all of our clients advanced rental proceeds. Regardless of if your tenant pays rent a few days late or a few weeks late, we will advance you your monthly rental proceeds on the first of each month. Our clients receive their rental proceeds on time, each and every month. It really is that simple. For over twenty years, we have conducted our property management business with the central idea of managing each and every home the way that we would want our own homes to be managed. 

Not only that, but we believe that a property management company should help make owning a rental property as easy as possible. Advancing our owners their monthly rental proceeds is just one of the many ways that we reduce or eliminate the strain of owning a rental property.

To find out the other ways in which we make being a rental owner as simple as possible, click here . From the advanced payments of rents, to our flat rate management fee structure, our main goal is remove as much uncertainty and risk as possible and to make being a landlord as simple as can be. 

​*Advance payment of rent proceeds begins after the first month a tenant move into, and ends a month before tenants vacate, the property. Advanced payments continue unless the tenant falls more than 30 days behind on rent. In this case, rent proceeds are dispersed when rent is received. Advanced payment of rent resumes after tenant has become current on rent for 30 days. 


See just a few of the things that our clients say about us

Joseph M.

Tom Koplan and Jenifer helped me get a place for my sons and I despite a homeowner that wouldn't approve my application. I am thankful that they took the time to reconsider my application and review with their homeowner. They didn't just shuffle me in with the crowd they actually took some time to help me so I am thankful!

Jamie H. 

I love this company! They have been so wonderful to deal with over the years. I bought 2 rental properties in Temecula in 2009 with Jeff's help. The homes have appreciated tremendously. California Realty has been managing the homes for us since then. Both homes were rented within 2 weeks and we have the same original tenants. We have been informed that the tenants are very good and have maintained the homes well. We have received the rent by the 1st of each month every month the properties have been leased. California Realty pays its clients on the 1st regardless of when the rent comes in. They say they do it as a courtesy to the owners. They have also laid out money for some minor repairs we had. I have never seen a company do things like that. They are very friendly and very responsive. They have almost become like family. If you want a good property management company this is it.

Hugues L.

Excellent work. These guys are truly excellent in what they do.
Their fees are very fair, only $100 a month.
I can't compliment them enough.